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Our project

The farm includes an ancient Leopoldina house, another smaller residential building, and two tobacconists.

The project involves the gradual renovation of the farm, in the enhancement of the original structure and as much as possible with ecological materials and in compliance with energy and water savings.

In particular, the following are envisaged:

- a small farmhouse consisting of three rooms and a common room

- a large room for meetings, conferences, workshops, tales around the fireplace, evenings of music and dance

- a small restaurant

- a shop of farm products and other small businesses in the area

- laboratories and warehouses for the storage and transformation of company products

- externally, an educational arboretum with native Tuscan species, with a relaxation area in complete contact with nature and meditation

- renovation of the old wood-burning oven for bread and pizza

- museum dedicated to  Napoleone Pio Passerini , one of the fundamental characters in the history of the Val Di Chiana, where it will be possible to admire his conspicuous historical documentation and educational collection

- museum of minerals and fossils, recovered by Dr. Pietro Passerini and Dr. Marta Marcucci



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