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Farming is not about selling goods, but offering common wealth, building relationships, exchanging  knowledge  and skills, networking, and building an economic system beneficial to man and the earth. 

It is respecting the rhythms of nature, working together to make a good life grow, paying attention to the quality of things rather than quantity, listening, seeking harmonies, welcoming and, why not, dreaming.  


We are looking for local and traditional varieties, with attention to nutritional quality rather than productivity, we cultivate organically, we do external processing at the shortest possible distance from our company, we sell to small businesses and restaurants,  possibly local, Solidarity Purchase Groups, people and families, even by agreeing  crops on request. 

We try to enhance the territory through sustainable renovations, using ecological and recycled materials and respecting the local typicality. We plant native trees to recreate biodiversity, we welcome visitors who want to share interests, ideas, professionalism, work, culture, fun.  


We collaborate with the Earth to produce healthy food for the Body and Soul.

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