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Il podere "Le Padolecchie" faceva parte della grande azienda leopoldina di Bettolle. Fu acquistata poi a fine '800 dal Conte e Senatore del Regno Napoleone Pio Passerini , agronomo illustre e scenziato eclettico, partecipò tra l'altro alla selezione della razza Chianina e fondò l'importante scuola di Agraria a Scandicci (Firenze). L'azienda originaria si estendeva su un ampio territorio nella Val di Chiana. Suddivisa poi tra gli eredi, la porzione giunta fino a noi è stata oggi rinnovata completamente, secondo una filosofia di costruzione di relazioni armoniose tra esseri umani, terra, piante e animali.


Sara Passerini


Graduated in 2003 in Political Science, I dedicated myself for some years to international cooperation and fair trade.

From 2008 partner of EquoSolDA, then Equolab, until 2016 leader company in Italy in the sector of fair trade through vending machines, from 2014 I started to personally manage the farm inherited from my father, Pietro Passerini, son of Mario , son of Napoleone Pio Passerini. I immediately gave my personal imprint to the company, converting it to organic and orienting philosophy, production, way of working and marketing towards the search for a beneficial agriculture for the environment, for the territory, for those who work there, for those who are feeds on the products of the earth.

In my free time I love to explore the essence of near and far places, and to tell my eyes on travel. Come and see me  in my blog !  

Michelangelo Of Venus

After many years of experience in the IT field in Bologna, I decide to use the skills acquired in favor of a truly ethical company that identifies sales not with the competitive paradigm of "mors tua vita mea" but with that of collaboration and the "network".

In addition to managing the website, I take care of the relationship with customers and sales, what was once miserably called "Commercial or Representative".

I share with Sara the love for the earth and nature in general.


Born in June 2014 in Potenza, Duffy fully enters the a family  6 months. Since then, he has dedicated himself with great perseverance and enthusiasm to the exploration works of every corner of the company, personally testing the fields and checking all the crops. Faithful collaborator, she welcomes and licks every guest with joy, especially if they have biscuits or bones.

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