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Buckwheat: our products

- Flour  stone ground

- Hulled buckwheat

Buckwheat: the history

Belonging to the Polygonaceae family, buckwheat is not a cereal, and therefore does not naturally contain gluten of any kind.

Presumably it arrived in Europe from the Himalayan area in the late Middle Ages, and has spread widely, especially in Central Eastern Europe.

Buckwheat: nutritional characteristics

Rich in proteins and many of the essential amino acids, it also contains iron, zinc and selenium in good quantities.

Low in sugars, it is suitable for celiacs, those suffering from gluten intolerances and people with a tendency to diabetes.

Buckwheat: use

Ideal for pasta (the famous pizzoccheri of Valtellina, but also taglaitelle and other shapes), for sweet cakes, biscuits, shortbread, and mixed with soft wheat flours, also excellent for bread products, to which it gives the characteristic aroma.

Buckwheat: How flour is born ...

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