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Verna soft wheat
Verna soft wheat: our products
Verna soft wheat: history

Old variety of all Tuscan soft wheat, selected in the 40s by the Tuscan Sementi Authority.
Verna is a rustic and resistant to adversity wheat, with a low gluten content.

Verna soft wheat:  the nutritional characteristics

- Free from any contamination from radioactive cobalt induced mutagenesis with x and y rays, unlike the irradiated GMO durum wheat varieties, nowadays more used in agriculture;
- Lower gluten content than modern grains designed for industry

- Greater content of essential nutritional elements

Verna soft wheat: use

- Bread and bakery products

- Sweet and savory pies

- Cookies

- Soups and broths

Verna soft wheat: How flour is born ...
grano verna campo 1

Il Verna a fine gennaio, appena spuntato

CAMPO febbraio

Febbraio. A sinistra del fossetto il Verna, a destra il Cappelli

CAMPO aprile

Aprile. Verde brillante.

CAMPO maturo

Maturo! Un mare dorato sotto il sole dell'estate.

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